Feminine Parts

The gods descend to a quiet English street. Kali orders a beheading. Hanuman screams and makes men impotent. Apollo speaks a mysterious oracle and sends his followers on a quest. The Lord of Hosts makes his usual savage demands for souls, and ravenous wolves run in packs, tongues lolling lasciviously.

The inhabitants of Inkerman Street scuttle round at the gods’ bidding, all chasing their own stories, while the old Stories come back to life. By a series of strange chances and impossible coincidences they find themselves bound together in one long story, made up of their own small stories weaving in and out.
The lover, the murderer, the fortune-teller, the priest, the adventurer, the trader, the hag, the girl, the man of law, the thief, the traveller – all the old characters appear, and they seek (and find) sex, they fear (and find) death, and they wonder at the gods.


'morally repugnant'.
The Independent

Published by: Duckworth

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